Welcome to Biosynergetics, Inc.

 Advancing Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science and Biomedical Engineering. 

Biosynergetics, Inc. provides an independent biomedical and medical research and consulting resource specializing in biomedical engineering, and pharmaceutical science.  Applications include industrial, legal, medical, capital financing, university research and intellectual property development.  Besides providing services, Biosynergetics, Inc. owns various intellectual property rights developed internally involving concentration modification of compounds in flowing fluid systems, and energy collection devices.

Regional biotechnology research and manufacturing initiatives in Indiana are concentrated in the areas of biomedical and medical technology, and computer science.  A consortium has developed into The Life Sciences Initiative (February, 2002) and enjoys the overwhelming support of educational, governmental and industrial establishments.

Besides regional involvement, Biosynergetics, Inc. assists national and international concerns in the biotechnology arena, intellectual property, pharmaceutical and causation litigation.